Rollerballs and Inhalers for Camp!

Ok, moms! Who’s sending their kids on a mission trip or to summer camp? 🙋‍♀️ These types of activities are great opportunities for our kids to take ownership over their health practices! If you reach for oils at home on a daily basis, it will be first nature to them when they are away form you.

Prepare by making the necessary roller bottles and inhalers:

I pack roller bottles and inhalers to address physical and emotional needs they might have as they travel!


I buy the amber colored rollerballs with metal rollers and gold lids: Roller Bottles from Amazon:

✅Tummy: Digize, aroma-ease, lemon

✅Bravery: valor, inner child

✅ Insect and Bobo Eraser: purification, lavender, (citronella: optional)

We have used essential oil inhalers for years with great results! When you get the eo combo right it feels like mouthwash for the nasal passage! :P The results are AMAZING! Essential Oi Inhalers from Amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_8…

✅Calm: cedar-wood, peace and calming, copaiaba

✅Energy: peppermint, bergamot, lemon

✅Thieves Mouthwash in a squirt bottle for the airplane to clean breathe!

✅Thieves cough drops for all the singing

Of course I can only recommend YL oils because I know their standard and processes. Check out the Seed to Seal promise with YL here:

I’m an advocate for purity in all our products and foods. If you want to hear how toxins can affect us, I did a workshop on this last month and will send you the audio with the powerpoint. Just ask me for it.

I would love to hear from you if you use any of these recipes!