Family Competitions

We’re a weird family. There is no hiding it. Especially with social media. 😅 We have a family chat where the 17 of us share funny, random, important pieces of information.. Sometimes our weirdness ends up online. Here’s an example: My very science minded daughter landed in an art class in college that has been a thorn in her side. From sculpting soap into an anthropomorphic shape to self portraits, she has been stretched and we have enjoyed some great laughs! Following is the self portrait that she submitted with great reservation. We tried so many different renditions of her with oils and her chemistry book, but this is the one she dreadfully chose. :P ( I love it!)

The portrait was to sum up her current life.

The portrait was to sum up her current life.

Her dad, of course, thought the whole thing was great fun, so he duplicated the photo for family chat In honor of her effort. You’ve gotta love the socks! (I married this man! )



The two photos ended up on instagram and Facebook where the public voted.. ‘Im pretty sure the crowd felt sorry for both of them, so the score stayed even with every vote for 24 hours. It was quite hilarious.

My family. 🙈I wouldn’t trade them.