Back to School Bags!

I know all you mommies are in the full swing of getting your kids back to school. Whether it be homeschooling, private, or public school, we’ve all got a routine that we’ve jumped back into and are in full throttle with schooling and life! For us, it looks like a lot of things. Even though I’ve homeschooled all my children, they all have been very involved in outside activity. From sports, to choir, to dance, you name it, one of my kids has probably done it. One of my goals as a mommy has been to always try my very best to fortify my kids with all they need in regards to health and wellness. At the very top of that list is prayer. I want to always be praying intentionally for my children. I know that no matter what I say, do, or give them, the Lord has his hand on their lives and is the one protecting my babies. A next big priority is supply. I want my kiddos to be supplied with all that they need so that wherever they go, their little bodies can stay at the top of their game.


School Bag

  1. Thieves hand purifier: this stuff is a must for going ANYWHERE. It not only helps protect against germs, but it also supports my kids immune system while doing so. This was such an easy switch out for me. I simply stopped buying normal hand sanitizer—you know, the kind designed to put your body into toxic over load—and started giving them thieves instead. It doesn’t break the bank and it’s better for your wellness in the long run.

  2. Peace and Calming Roll-on: if you have kiddos that are more prone to feeling strong emotions or becoming overwhelmed easily, this is the stuff for you. My kids know that when they’re starting to feel strong things that they can’t explain, rolling this oil on their wrists and simply breathing it in can help calm there nerves tremendously. When an oil is applied topically, it takes about 26 seconds to hit the bloodstream. Meaning, when my babies are out and about and I’m not with them, they have the tools they need to calm any angst and guide them down a path of a healthy emotional life.

  3. Breathe Again: This one calms my kids when they feel anxious and they begin to get short of breath! I didn’t think of using this one for anxiety, my daughter is the one who told me it’s her go to when she feels afraid! Who knew? Now I make sure it’s in the bag!

  4. Thieves roller: Even though they are armed with the hand purifier, I like them to have the roller in case they begin to feel bad. it is such a boost to their systems!

  5. NingXia Red: This one gives my kids the extra antioxidants they need to stay well, fiber to help them poop, eye support, pancreas support… total immune support. #WIN

This is not an exhaustive list. Of course every child of mine is different, so their needs are going to be different in regards to what I send them out with. What’s listed above are some pretty generic things that I think every child should have with them wherever they go. This is what the Lord placed on my heart years ago as a dream and passion for my family. And I want to continue walking prayerfully as He everyday reveals to me how He wants me to shepherd my children. 

Family Competitions

We’re a weird family. There is no hiding it. Especially with social media. 😅 We have a family chat where the 17 of us share funny, random, important pieces of information.. Sometimes our weirdness ends up online. Here’s an example: My very science minded daughter landed in an art class in college that has been a thorn in her side. From sculpting soap into an anthropomorphic shape to self portraits, she has been stretched and we have enjoyed some great laughs! Following is the self portrait that she submitted with great reservation. We tried so many different renditions of her with oils and her chemistry book, but this is the one she dreadfully chose. :P ( I love it!)

The portrait was to sum up her current life.

The portrait was to sum up her current life.

Her dad, of course, thought the whole thing was great fun, so he duplicated the photo for family chat In honor of her effort. You’ve gotta love the socks! (I married this man! )



The two photos ended up on instagram and Facebook where the public voted.. ‘Im pretty sure the crowd felt sorry for both of them, so the score stayed even with every vote for 24 hours. It was quite hilarious.

My family. 🙈I wouldn’t trade them.

Two are Better Than One

This pic of my youngest daughter trying to carry her bigger sister is a great visual of what marriage can be like sometimes. Sometimes we just need to take one for the team because we love our spouse and they need us to help relieve a little of life’s pressure. It doesn’t make sense but it’s beautiful in action.

It sums up my marriage in a little square. We take turns being strong for each other. Even in the best of circumstances, life is hard. Even surrounded by so many blessings, life is hard. Of course seasons bring times of rest in between certain challenges but in the end, overall, life is just plain hard! And that’s coming from an eternal optimist!

I love this scripture, “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” NLT, Ecc 4:12

I’m thankful God made us to need each other.

Ella Carrying Halle.jpg

Our Messy Love

My closet fell apart again. It’s just a thing I’ll battle, I guess, forever! It feels like a stupid issue that I should be able to train myself out of but I’m apparently not that mature. I’ve Marie Kondo’ed my stuff several times, but that’s not exactly like hanging a picture on the wall where it will never move again. My stuff has a vendetta against me. Here’s the deal, though.. this amazing man has never tried to change me in this area!! What??? It baffles me! I know it gets on his nerves but HE. DOESN’T. SAY. ANYTHING!! In fact, he’ll even step into the mess for a morning hug and kiss!

What the heck?

Don’t get me wrong, we are not that couple that gushes, “I married my best friend! Blah blah blah!…” It’s been a choice and a struggle to get here. This gesture of complete acceptance makes me wanna take my clothes off and add them to the pile. Know what I mean?

His hands have gravitated to that spot for the last 30 years. Sorry. Not sorry. :P

His hands have gravitated to that spot for the last 30 years. Sorry. Not sorry. :P

Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from him in this area! The best way to change a person’s heart is to NOT try to change them at all, but to embrace the whole person. Trust me on this, your spouse knows his flaws and hates them too. The more you love the your whole spouse the more he will want to rise to the occasion. He may never completely beat that bad habit you both hate, but I promise, showing him disdain isn’t drawing into your heart.

Here’s an example, if my husband was fussing about my struggle, I would probably create a pile so large at the front door that he would have to climb over it to get in the house. (I wouldn’t actually do that, but I would want to!) But all marriages are filled with imperfect humans and choices. No one has a perfect spouse. No one! So I challenge you, what replays in your mind over and over about your spouse? Do you rehearse the ways he disappoints you, or do you think grateful thoughts about his positive qualities?
Determining to change another human is a bad idea! It just doesn’t work! The only person we can positively change is ourselves! But… and that’s a BIG BUT!…. Understand that loving a person well gives them the freedom to rise up and change. Love is a powerful force. It covers a multitude of sins. Does anyone else struggle with this?

Our Steaming Dark Obsession

Who loves coffee? 🙋‍♀️ Our tribe is big! That’s why coffee is one of the most highly traded commodities in the world, with over 12 billion pounds produced per year! 12 billion pounds!! That’s insanely massive, and I’m pretty certain my family consumes 1 billion of those pounds. 🤦🏼‍♀️Kidding, Not kidding. So quality is big time on my radar. Unfortunately like most grown consumables the quality of the coffee bean has been compromised to produce quantity, at the expense of environment and  human health.


Unfortunately our dark, steaming obsession is among the most heavily chemically treated crops in the world. I didn’t know this until recently, but long before the smooth hot brew touches our lips, while it grows innocently on the bush, it is sprayed with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, thank you very much – There’s nothing like sipping on a hot cup of insect repellent. Refill, anyone?

But take heart the story gets happier. Sara Flore from the Equal Exchange blog, reports:

“In the case of organic coffee there are no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in growing or production, which means cleaner beans, air, land, and water. The coffee is grown with only organic fertilizers, like coffee pulp, chicken manure, or compost. Organic farms also combat climate change by emitting less carbon than chemical farms, while also sequestering significant amounts of carbon. As a bonus, organic coffee beans are richer in healthful antioxidants, and many people can even taste the difference. Your health, and the health of the planet, both get a boost.”

So … We don’t have to give up our guilty pleasure in order to protect our health or the environment. We just need to sip with discretion.  Our bodies will thank us and so will our organic farmers who need our support.

Here’s a little oily tip from a health nut! After I have had my fill of coffee for the morning, I sip on hot water with drops Enfoflex vitality. This cleans my kidneys, aids in digestion, and energizes me way better than the coffee. Don’t have a wholesale account yet? Go to the buy oils tab and grab your starter kit! Let me know you saw this and I’ll send you a bottle of Endoflex as a welcome to the world of oils gift!

Just Enough, Please!

We’re not a super outdoorsy family. We like a contained, safe environment with a touch of sunlight and wind. Throw in a some gorgeous flowers, several cute animals, a comfy spot to sit and we’re good to go. Well recently the kids and I ventured out to our local Butterfly Museum to get a dose of the above mentioned scene. We greatly anticipated the soft, feather like creatures floating by, landing on our shoulders, and posing for the camera.


However, it was a bit more than a few of my kids expected.



Halle flew through the door and down the concrete stairs of the Butterfly Museum without a care expecting a dose of heaven.


Until I hollered, “Halle, look up!”


The flying ceiling caught her off guard and she ducked and screamed and ran for cover. Which proved to be her next problem…

There is no cover in a Butterfly Museum. There are only trees covered in butterflies, and rocks covered in butterflies, and platforms layered with more butterflies. Not a happy situation for someone trying to ESCAPE butterflies!


The scene was rather comical. She thought she wanted to be surrounded by butterflies, but when her wish came true, she realized it frightened her.


Then there was my 13-year-old dressed in red. We missed the memo stating that butterflies flock to red like delicate bulls out of an open gate looking for a place to land.  She was in a constant state of swatting the back of her shirt, “Is that my tag or a butterfly? Check again!


She learned that a few butterflies is fun, but thousands can be troublesome.


My husband and I have been known to joke that if a little is good, then a WHOLE LOT must be better. That practice has gotten us in trouble more times than we’ll admit.


It’s gotten most of us in trouble, if we’ll be honest.


I think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the little boy that gorged himself on Chocolate. A little was good, so he ate A LOT!


Greed is in our human nature and it steals peace, joy and happiness from us. Contentment is a choice. It’s a choice that frees the soul to live a full, happy life in whatever circumstance.


When the Apostle Paul was in prison he was content. He was cold and hungry, yet he practiced contentment. (Philippians 4:11)


John Bunyan, the author or Pilgrim’s Progress wrote that great book in a filthy prison cell unfit for even an animal to live. Yet, he did not spend his days grumbling about what he lacked, he rested in what he had- life, pen and paper – and in turn gave the world the second greatest book ever written (In my opinion.)


Discontentment feeds greed, which steals joy and spoils families. If we have food and shelter, we have all we need. Make a list of all the extras God has blessed you with and consider sharing them with others. The list might look something like this:


24 pairs of shoes

A closet full of clothes

A drawer full of jewelry

A refrigerator stuffed with food

A car (or 3)

More kitchen tools than cabinet space

More dishes than people to feed in a week.

More home accessories than can be dusted in an hour.

Just enough can be the biggest blessing when it comes to stuff. Having an abundance is not a bad thing, until it becomes a burden. If you feel weighed down and burdened by too much laundry and too much dusting then consider (Acts 20:35) “Its more blessed to give than to receive,” and start blessing your neighbors. We can’t take wood, hay and stubble with us when we die, so why spend so much time worrying about it? Give away that which you don’t need. Too much can over take a life with responsibility and stress. Stuff takes up space, money and time.  We own it, so we must insure it, maintain it, move it, keep up with it, think about….

Would you rather dust your stuff or fly to Italy? Consider how much time and money you want to spend on stuff and then make adjustments and experience freedom. Bigger and more does not necessarily equate to better.

SO many times we strive to obtain that which we think we want, only to discover that it ‘s not what we thought, having lost that which was really important in the process. If you are in debt, stretched for time and burdened with things, consider shedding some wood, hay and stubble. Trim down your material responsibilities and save or the extra money that is freed up. Bless those closest to you with more time and bless those in need with your stuff.


Shed some stuff…REST in CONTENTMENT and find JOY in the process.