Rollerballs and Inhalers for Camp!

Ok, moms! Who’s sending their kids on a mission trip or to summer camp? 🙋‍♀️ These types of activities are great opportunities for our kids to take ownership over their health practices! If you reach for oils at home on a daily basis, it will be first nature to them when they are away form you.

Prepare by making the necessary roller bottles and inhalers:

I pack roller bottles and inhalers to address physical and emotional needs they might have as they travel!


I buy the amber colored rollerballs with metal rollers and gold lids: Roller Bottles from Amazon:

✅Tummy: Digize, aroma-ease, lemon

✅Bravery: valor, inner child

✅ Insect and Bobo Eraser: purification, lavender, (citronella: optional)

We have used essential oil inhalers for years with great results! When you get the eo combo right it feels like mouthwash for the nasal passage! :P The results are AMAZING! Essential Oi Inhalers from Amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_8…

✅Calm: cedar-wood, peace and calming, copaiaba

✅Energy: peppermint, bergamot, lemon

✅Thieves Mouthwash in a squirt bottle for the airplane to clean breathe!

✅Thieves cough drops for all the singing

Of course I can only recommend YL oils because I know their standard and processes. Check out the Seed to Seal promise with YL here:

I’m an advocate for purity in all our products and foods. If you want to hear how toxins can affect us, I did a workshop on this last month and will send you the audio with the powerpoint. Just ask me for it.

I would love to hear from you if you use any of these recipes!

Bug Spray

Hello everyone!! 

Last night I made a fun bug spray bottle with some of my favorite essential oils, witch hazel, and water! 😊

You should take some time to read about the toxic chemicals in standard bug sprays and their side affects. 😳The Think Dirty app is a great tool for this. 

25 drops citronella oil
15 drops purification
5 drops peppermint
1/2 cup of witch hazel (Or coconut oil)
Filled the rest up with water.

It smells amazing. I can’t wait to try it tonight on my walk!

* You could also mix it in a carrier oil such as cocunut oil to get a longer lasting repellent affect, but then you would use a different type of bottle to dispense it.. A side benefit of the coconut oil is that it also acts as a sunscreen from UV rays.

Also, if you ever need a cute label let me know. I would love to work with you to create something you love. (Sydnie Bonin on Instagram and Facebook)

**A big thank you to my amazing daughter in love, Sydnie Bonin for this post!


Dry Shampoo


This stuff is AWESOME for greasy hair. Especially if you are just now switching from toxic shampoo and conditioner to clean products. When you first do that, your scalp may not be used to what you’re giving it, so it could over produce oil. NO WORRIES. Finish your natural and clean shampoo and condition bottles, and use this dry shampoo to help keep the grease at bay while your body is adjusting to the new products.



4 TBLSP ARROWROOT, tapioca, or non GMO cornstarch

4 drops YL Peppermint eo

4 drops YL lavender eo

For Brunettes:

4 TBLS cocoa

For Blondes:

3/4 tsp turmeric

For Red Heads:

2 1/4 tsp paprika


Mix the dry ingredients in a small, very dry bowl an dmix well with a dry spoon. If the coloring seems too light add more of the appropriate ingredient for your hair color. Add the essential oils and mix well. Add to an airtight container for storing. It would be ideal to use a foundation brush to apply the powder to your hair starting at the front and moving to the back. Run a comb through to distribute evenly. Enjoy your clean hair!  (If I knew who to give credit to, I would! Thank you, Dana Crenshaw for sharing this with me! It's changed my life!):P

Sassy Hair Spray!

Let’s get SASSY! Ok, so it’s no joke that we have A LOT of girls in our home. And not just any girls, super fun, extra girly girls. I’ve loved learning and coming up with clean and safe alternatives for our home. A big one is hair care! The girls in our home want to participate in the daily “glam up”, while not harming our bodies with toxic chemicals. A couple of our favorites are the Sweet and Sassy Hair Spray and Dry Shampoo!

Sassy Hair Spray.jpg



15 drops lavender essential oil 

10 drops lemon essential oil 

8 drops of Cedarwood essential oil 

4 drops geranium essential oil (for dry hair types)

 half an ounce of vodka or which Hazel

5 ounces distilled water


Combine above ingredients in a spray bottle and spray onto damp or wet hair. Style as usual but beware… Your hair will be full of body, excess product residue and build up will be gone and you will need less styling products! Warning! Some women have reported a little more sassy in their step… Now isn’t that sweet?